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Alter your now Reality

Dear hearts,

Many of you are sentient beings (having a higher awareness and hence ta greater real free-will of choices of thoughts and actions), others are barely so and are mainly software programs void of individual realities which are used to populate your realities and create stories.

Many are waiting to experience more of their really created and accepted as the truth. The question is, have you had the opportunity to experience your now moment?

To express your own knowledge which makes you be unique, to share with the world and the space between your heart and the consciousness of the one heart of the Multiverse?

Where ever you go, you all have the power to create new realities and affect people, places, things, times and events. No matter what is the vibrational frequency, your emotions are going through.

In reality, there is nothing outside oneself.

The connection programmed in the human brain is the controlling Matrix which is the program imposed to accept a holographic reality based on the perception of your thoughts. Always with the aim to enslave each one into becoming part of it. It gives you the perception of evolving time, a preprogrammed history, a spiritual and cultural background, as well as an impression of space.

Therefore there is absolutely nothing, that exists outside of oneself. Your limbs, body, visual planet, and sky, the entire universe is a three-dimensional illusion given to you and projected from the inside out, allowing you to experience the world of that Matrix and choosing stories within it.

Why do I say something that many of you already know, perhaps to help you to remember that even though you are in the Matrix program.

It is the intelligence of the one heart that you allow each day to communicate with all that breathes, to change the programmed matrix to bring light and unconditional love to all that is around your perceptional Matrix.

After visiting the Matrix program on Egypt the fact that many entered the program, we all altered with new templets and souls programming creating parallel realities affecting the density programmed with the joy and blissful connection to be around people, places, things, times, and events.

This unconditional and genuine love frequency connection allows us to change the programs many within the Matrix are unable to enter, in other words;

Thank you, all divine star seeds that travel from the future to create a new realities base on unconditional love for all of those beautiful earthlings in the land of Egypt.

Thank you all because many are those that don't even know we had helped pave the road they are walking, where they found the courage, how the inspiration came or why they knew the words to use in their now new reality.

Divine star seeds and beloved hearts!

You are the way-maker for all those who are awakening from a very similar history of density. Keep sharing your light even in dark places around and with all that breathes.

I like to share a download I receive from my guides;

"Dear ones, you have to exceed our expectations, this was never a test like you thought, to do the work according to your planetary contract and your divine mission on earth.

We love you very much and know that without you this work will still to be done. We appreciate and treasure all the work you start beings have done, there is more to come for now is time to integrate there was a massive activation you did in Giza and other essential parts of Egypt. The time for integration is now.

Don't forget that you all are part of something much bigger than you can understand. You have experienced and know that help has been granted to those who are true within their hearts.

Each one beloved children has access to a vast vault of knowledge and riches that is available in divine right and divine order.

Be ready to open and follow your heart desires, the portal where your pure spirit will guide you to better yourself to open the portal where the one heart will guide you to reach for your own star.

Beloved ones, follow your heart desires surrender to your higher self. Let behind the 3D and allow your spirit to soar the seas of the 5D, the unlimited potential of your multidimensional being.

Thank you for listening,


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