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Dear people on planet earth,

The Multiverse wants you to know; Detachment, Mind, free Will, Open yourself to enjoy everything you do, realize there is nothing you need and allow what is presented to you synchronized with your flow of wellness.

You just cannot look at things that are wrong in the world, putting them in piles, labeling them, and then joining in groups to push against them.

Instead allow yourself to accept that there is a reason for everything and something’s most remain that way for the betterment of others as their learning process, of letting go.


Thought and feelings manifest in external conditions through a natural process that works perfectly on its own. Attachments impede the natural process of creation. If you believe you can be happy only if you have what you desired you are attached to the outcome of this desire. Instead, be happy first! And you will create what you want.

The Multiverse want you and is asking you to know right now to let go of the need to control the how what you desired is going to be delivered to you and to surrender instead to the invisible powers conspiring in your favor. What fantastic scenario your imagination can connive? Trust in your heart.

Mind, The essence or spirit of life is a consciously intelligent substance that directs itself into form through its thoughts. The Multiverse is asking youth notice the thoughts you are thinking and confirming whether or not are align with the reality you want to experience or create. Choose your thought wisely Mind is your tool of depart.

Free Will, The conscious mind is endowed with the power to choose. You all are conscious beings and thus wield the power of choice although you may not be aware you making choices in every moment. What you choose to think and feel is set in motion by the Multiverse and manifest as the conditions of your life.

The Multiverse is reminding you to choose your thought, feeling, and actions consciously.

So love yourself as this is all you would ever desire to be in alignment. Tune with the Multiverse mind, when you love yourself everything around love you back.

Therefore you will change the vibration of things in the area where you are located, with your family and neighbors, everything would benefit from your love and your compassion, the trees and creatures and all the elementals of the air would assist you to make this to be a natural and magical connection.

So Go and love yourself, as I love you all from my heart to your heart whatever you are on planet earth. Thank you for listening.


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