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Dear beloved souls on earth

We are in a new future full of new opportunities to explore our senses to their maximum capacity of expression, where we will be free of those that control and poison us. This is why we thank you for teaching us, that each of us can live in harmony and we can help each other to live free.

When you see the first image feel or think the pain that their family in another world felt for having lost one of their beloved beings. Just like we loved our families and friends. Now imagine if we could visit other worlds, and unfortunately, we are in the hands of governments that study us as phenomena until one day we stop living because of their experiments. And instead of celebrating our encounter, they destroy and defame us.

It means that in public or writes negative things against the good name, fame, and honor of a person; especially when said or written is false. What would you feel if you were treated this way on another planet by the governments?

What would you feel if you are been experimented in a laboratory without having been able to have the opportunity to send your message of freedom or to demonstrate that here on earth we can free us from manipulation, which is why governments do not let us receive this information.

Governments have magnetized us with fear programs and movies in order to cause collective panic. They say the Extra Terrestrials come to destroy us. If they wanted to destroy us already, they would have done it 100 years ago and have not waited until 2017 to do it.

December 2017 is another ascension cycle of 26,556 years, where our mother earth known as Gaia ascends to another dimension. Our planet is moving so that it can continue to support our descendants, to bring them into an era of light, freedom and unconditional love.

Today is why many of us can receive information through our senses; many of you are able to see, hear and understand the messages of these beings from other planets that are defending the earth to help us, they will not change the laws or give us money. Money is a manipulation and perception of the third dimension.

Where many of us go is with the intention of being free from diseases caused by chemicals in the air, water, and earth, we go to another higher level of consciousness where freedom and brotherhood of all races of other planets we can live together.

So do not be afraid because these beings from other planets come to help us to assist us and teach us how to save our world from the destruction of beliefs, religions, governments and sects. To teach us to be free and live in a world of equality united by a single cause; freedom, unconditional love, frees of disease and free of the control of governments and religions.

We will soon be reuniting with our families of stars, and we must demonstrate that although our governments and religions have filled us and controlled with fears at the end of everything. The human race will always stand belief in its freedom. Many of us have lived and died many times, and each time we come back with more capacity for evolution, many of us have teleportation, levitation, psychic, powers. Etc.

Our human race has the power to die and be born again that is why the reptilians that influence us to using drugs or after having diseases and when our bodies stop working they can put their seal on our spirit so that on our return into life our emotions and actions are directed by them.

The Gray experimented with our sexes with the idea of procreating their race, in this case, to continue to survive as others in control discarded them and destroyed their planet, forgive them because they have only tried to survive as a race. I love you and forgive you.

But the reptilians have found a way to survive within our souls, implanting their eggs to be connected at any given time. Here is how to ask for help to our beloved beings the Arcturians. When you repeat this prayer, let your voice come from your heart, understands that all communication with other beings of higher vibration happens with the voice and the vibration of your heart.

Many around the planet are prepared for the most wonderful extraterrestrial contact of all time. These contacts around the world will help us to live in the age of light, and unconditional love of the Mind of body and soul as never has been possible.

This is a reality of planetary ascension in which all awake or not, we will be a part. I call to all your hearts, from my heart.

To all of you in the world, divine souls of light, to leave the fear and give yourself to the freedom of the soul and multidimensional expression of spirit and unconditional love of the creator of the multiverse to give the best welcome to our families from the stars.

Thanks for listening,


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