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The power of Love,

Whether it is a life-threatening situation or negative emotion, One calls upon it as One's object of attention. Instead, why not use the Life Force feeling within One's Heart and use it differently. Add to it the power of your imagination to create a new WORLD in your mind for everyone and everything that breathes and respires in the magnitude of the alchemical elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Ether, when you trust in the power of your imagination and bountiful mighty Heart.

The power of LOVE overrides any program, including the most potent as "fear." As One uses imagination, One shift into the next parallel reality within the multiple provable possibilities within your quantum space anyway. The idea, thoughts, actions, and deeds, if One is continually calling upon the presence of anything as little to trivial or very important.

Mind as well focus your attention to entertain the life force within the power of LOVE. Stay conscious of your emotions.

What are emotions;

EMOTIONS are biologically based psychological states brought on by neurophysiological changes, variously associated with thoughts, feelings, behavioral responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure. What fuses the emotional trigger?

Anything, it is time to awaken the mighty warrior; use your words, actions, and deeds to counteract despair's effects on humanity. For One's emotions, One is always responsible, refrains the use of negative frequency against others, especially those in power. The controllers want to continue to create more and more triggers. Making more wrong going around to descend your frequency instead of raising your frequency and ascending with the world. Their goal is to prevent ASCENSION and the awakening of humanity.

Mother Aria, "the new Earth," is no longer waiting; understand that there is a reason for all, and now is the time to WAKE UP. Perhaps the question is; How can I help when I feel disempowered?

Kindly take a deep breath several times, close your eyes, let go of the outside noise, breathe, feel your Heart, listen to its beatings, tell yourself I LOVE MYSELF! I am grateful for having within me the most sublime creator of all. Science taught that emotions were in mind to dismiss the power of the Heart; in reality, the Heart frequency is all you need to shift into a new reality.

Tell your Heart; I love you, thank you for being within me teaching me that even when I am wrong, you are there for me, if I am happy, sad, afraid, unconditionally day and night, months, years, since the day we become ONE you ARE me, and I am you, my true LOVE that never gives up! I'm sorry, I took you for granted. Because I now know that you are the ONE that will change my body, mind, and spirit, so I can leave in the world I know exist for all I have to use my imagination and the power of the ONE Heart omnipotent, unconditional LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

My beloved Heart, I recognize the existence of my truth, priceless Heart companion, immense support, and your unconditional omnipotent LOVE.

While entering your super consciousness field, trust your intuition allowing your precious Heart to guide you and assist you in communicating with the intelligent field of your quantum reality. The super consciousness is the part of you that connects to the quantum field; this is not a place. The quantum field is everything; there is no time; therefore, connecting to your superconsciousness will merge you in the quantum field. You will start to know new things, learn new skills. By awakening new abilities, your mind would open new potentials, the possible realities of the Divine that you genuinely are.

You will see the past easily and understand the future before it happens, recalling that the only limitations are those ONE beliefs when something is possible or not. ONE will realize the potential to dissolve all the limitations that had prevented ONESELF from being a superconscious being, LOVE, and LIGHT a precious Heart creator of ONE self reality.

Tell yourself, there was a time I felt sufferer and powerless; then I look back and remember when I was a child, fearless, waiting to grow in the world of magic I knew existed in my Heart, greater power to swimming in the clouds, travel through time and space, to become anything I could imagine was my goal until I falt to sleep in this reality where nothing is real.

Still, what am I creating?

My beloved Heart, I remember that within my Heartfelt presence, I am exceptional, steady, I know, my belove Heart that at a rapid rate frequency, I can love other Hearts, like mine to Wake up, BELOVED HEARTS wake up. Tell them we are in this world TOGETHER, and we are ONE! No matter what, I know that I can reach and awake other hearts with mine outside of me, just by being myself to send my LOVE frequency to all that is.

All I need is to tap into my bountiful and mighty Heart to awaken the holographic fragments of other ONES and their original LOVE oceans source. To entertain a new timeline of probable sequences of harmonics of resonance frequency that amplify precisely the mathematical LOVE patterns as a new way of life and live in the name of LOVE and all its mighty expression for the rest of my physical existence.

Therefore I stay into my quantum reality space and say at loud:

I the ONE Heart I am, I revoke by the power of LOVE putting an end to the program of manipulation to free myself because LOVE is all I am and always be, a decree, affirming to myself that I am free always.

I love you all!

Thank you, Divine hearts, for listening,

Always, ♥


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