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Divine incarnation of the One,

A long time ago, many humans arrived from other planets to experience physicality with the promise to make things right and to assist our Divine Mother Earth. We were welcomed and became part of her, with all that inhabits her beautiful mantle, only to fall into the hands of dark essence. The game of incarnation called Karma was set in place for thousands of years because we always have what the dark lacks. A Multidimensional and Omnipotent Love, your life force energy is called Loosh, a term applied to energy produced by human beings that other entities use to feed. Loosh also refers to the energy produced by suffering that entities feed from, and it is what made the world go around.

Humanity had experienced physical and mental manipulation, and the right to be free was an illusion, a yearning desire always longing as if something were missing or lost within the depths of the soul. The time to honor your promise is now that you have grown even stronger; no one will ever save no one. Only Oneself has the power to do so because everything must come from the person concerned.

The state or fact of being is independent of human consciousness and, as contrasted with nonexistence, life after death, the existence of other worlds. The manner of beingness is common to every mode of being of subsequent existence after the present life.

The incarnation game set by the controllers of the 3D Matrix makes us forget, unable to remember ONE Divine essence of the Spirit of light and Love. Until now, the golden light of the Sun's pure light essence awakes you all. Ascension happens every 25560 years; The recovery of one's Divine essence can be one's priority number one. The time is right; day by day, one must keep a compassionate heart.

Forgive, forgive all the traumas of the 3D. Whatever life experiences one goes through have taught many sour and pleasurable experiences that make one awaken. See the whole of your life, experiences as going to school. One cannot go back to Source (Graduate)defeated, carrying traumas and restrictions of this incarnation. In reality, one has to pass the test one puts into all the time to upgrade from life experiences and all the levels of one's Ascension before graduation.

Forgive especially the dark essence beings; beware that they will never stop their manipulation programs. Be outsmart and defeat them by being clever or cunning. Being unpredictable is our most powerful ally, be sovereign and be kind to one another, BE LOVE AND BE FREE!

Be ready for anything, take action in the best way possible for you and your loved ones, and avoid confrontational or irrational reactions or decisions that may hinder your spirit of freedom. Forgive all the wrong you have done, or someone has done to you because, in reality, one is the mirror of reality, taking everything and everyone into the Now!

The most excellent news is that this will be our last incarnation;

We are free from the 3D Matrix, the time to open the gates within your Heart of the 5D is waiting to be open, and only you have access, no one else. Celebrate the One Heart omnipotent frequency within; One is a tiny part of the fractal; nevertheless, one completes the whole! Looking daily at one's reflection through the mirror of life, One looks at the entire Multiverse projecting out each day. So, emit Love from within and see the magic begin.

It is ok if you feel tired and defeated because this was part of the plan to stay strong no matter how many times one falls. The code name looking glass is known by many as "project looking glass" it was a virtual or mixed reality where Real and Virtual worlds are merged. Interacting as one in real-time is not only a compelling device offering many possibilities to explore in time and space.

This device stopped projecting probable realities for the controllers of the world and their gain of manipulation of Humanity, and it is not working anymore. The dark essence controllers of the 3D Matrix weren't able to see other probable futures. (The specifics aren't necessary to explain.)Therefore, they didn't see 2022 as Humanity awakening, global reality of self-governance, unity consciousness, and MULTIDIMENSIONAL FREEDOM based on Love and respect for all forms of life, including other planets outside Earth.

Fear nor feel threatened about the now reality, the evolution of the human race taking place; these processes are always for the best. Anyone who insists on perpetuating the Ascension of Humanity and its golden age, whether for personal or global gain, will fail.

The evolution of Humanity and the Ascension of planet Earth, including all sentient beings, is the everlasting new state of higher awakening consciousness. One cannot make something out of anything without paying for its consequences; the 5D Ascension is taking place, whether many like it or not.

Divine hearts, you all can experience Amenti in its way and time. The journey is yours, the journey into knowingness and within to the Source of all. One must be pure of Heart to resonate with the frequency of 5D because the frequency is pure unconditional Love, Divine Mother Earth's Love.

One's Heart has to be a vibrational match to perceive it with clarity, just as all that is from higher vibrational frequencies. One must perceive the human collective and all her Divine creatures through the eyes of the Divine Mother Earth as ONE, including galactic beings. Envisioning and feeling ourselves holding unconditional Love for the whole of Humanity is a good way to understand Earth's loving frequency. Know that each one has a role to play in the whole.

Divine humans, it is time to let go of the program of fear and to embrace your divinity and truth essence of light and Love to unlock the doors within One's Heart with patience and deep understanding that One is here to Love and be Free.

We are finally free!

The elevation of a state of one consciousness is the Divine path of Ascension, Be ready to enter the 5D Matrix, heal your mind, body, and spirit, forgive and love like never before go back home; no more suffering as these are your choices and decisions. The creator of all beings and star beings are working together to free one's mind, to take anyone who chooses the light to experience the absolute heaven on Earth. The nature of Ascension is to find your way home in the best way possible, despite the limitations.

Home is the Love and light essence of divine Heart, the gateway that will propel one into the 5D. The Love bestowed by the creator of all is waiting to show the infinite possibilities of being free and loved. Go home, and forgive yourself. Be ready to heal your sorrows, do your best, and be free. I really, really mean it.

The only purpose of incarnating is to experience physicality while learning each lesson, bad or good, looking for those little and big things why one's gets up in the morning. The purpose of life is to be happy with what one has and let go of everything else attached to the past. Because one can never find "true purpose." Find what feels right and like the most to redirect one's existence aligned with the joy and fulfillment of being alive, peaceful, and free.

Feel the one Heart whispering love melody beating every minute, telling; I love you. You are not alone; the entire planet is now united, free, and loved. The purest expression, Divine LOVE in and out you are my Love, the Love from which all things are and exist. Even when you think there are no answers to your questions, look deeply within me. I am your Heart, the Divine connection to the Source of all.

Many had misinterpreted me; those who avoid knowing me will never know; sullenness is not the true essence of the One Heart you all are. The most sacred place in the Multiverse resides within the one Heart. Close your eyes and listen to an anthem of Love to heal your sorrows. Open your eyes and observe the magnificent view transforming with LOVE de darkest of the essence within, respire, and live.

I am your Heart, our faithful and everlasting Love, eager to express a new form of language where only a higher vibrational frequency can communicate back and forward to all your creations. How Divine and powerful LOVE is, my humble desire is that you learn to love for who I am and say I love myself.

Let me show you the marvels of your being and the potential to free yourself and others just because you Love with the true essence of your beingness no matter what is going on. Within and out I live, I am your Heart's purest Love.

Everything one ever desires inside one's Heart. Love me the way I love you, and one day soon enough, I will take away the pain you have suffered. I love you, do not neglect that; I am the ultimate expression of the creator of all sentience beings in the Multiverse. Nothing will separate us; even after passing, I will live with the creator of all, for I am Love within your Heart for eternity.

Your Heart,

The stargate to the Fifth Dimension, I am One with you and all;

I love you. ♥


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