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Divine Humans,

We, the councils of nine, love you very much; beloved ones, you have an anamorphic perspective of this continuum of life. It denotes or relates to a distorted projection or drawing that appears normal when viewed from a particular point or with a suitable mirror or lens. Most humans believe that you come into these bodies and you live for a little while, and you get it right, or you don't, and then you leave, when really what is happening is you are eternal. You never really leave.

And even when you are no longer focused on your physical bodies, you are still conscious, and you are still focused on what's going on here on Earth. There is a collective consciousness that is so interested, so eager about everything that you all are about. And that Source Energy is what Man wants to call God. You all have direct access to that. The future self is based on your consciousness molecular structure's vibration rate from where you can tune in a particular and specific timeline accordingly to your consciousness. This perception is different from anyone's experience. If your body consciousness resonates: your thoughts, emotions, and deeds create a gravitational field, then one projects a holographic imprint on one's now new reality.

When you are running on a specific frequency, whatever timeline you chose to go into the now future, you running into the now based on the vibration of the consciousness and body is running on.

One won't be able to teleport consciously and create a new reality that the one body consciously can't match since the timeline of that which you desire is the portal. One will not be able to go through the new portal because it's a frequently energetic resonance field match.

That will not allow you to pass through unless you vibrate at the rate of that frequency of vibration you want to experience; your emotions are the main factor in combination with all you create.

When you create a sonic vibration through the sound, emotions, thoughts, and deeds, it becomes like an elastic band starting to imprint fractally and mimicking itself because consciousness is a mirror image. Your thoughts, emotions, and deeds, create since consciousness is created from vibration sound frequencies that are combining to similar vibrations through a trinity, creating a plasma and gravitational field in the center of your teleportation reality based on your moment to moment new opportunity to create a positive outcome or recreating a past negative outcome.

Everything from the past, years, months, days, hours, and seconds has nothing to do with your now reality a brand new opportunity to transmute everything from the past, years, months, days, hours, and seconds, when you understand to let go and move on the process.

For example, when you move your hand right to left or left to the right, moment to moment. You are imprinting everything you physically see in your now reality by shifting yourself to a brand new hologram of the Earth by collecting the same frequency vibrations or similar by taking it back into your consciousness and projecting the same momentum by mimicking of the previous vibration of reality.

By taking the vibration from a past reality and bringing it to the now by shifting and reprinting it to the next earth moment, one moves on, moment to moment, into a new version of oneself.

What is a quantum portal? Quantum portals exist at a zero-point frequency; that's why they are called "quantum portals": they can't exist until you push the button as a portal generated on-the-fly projecting from your etheric field portals.

This is how instantaneous healing happens by understanding that the past is no longer serves its purpose, since moment to moment, one shift from a brand new parallel reality filled with brand new opportunities that one imprints oneself into a completely different new opportunity.

Instead of one living in a permanent timeline created by oneself, of an outcome from the past in the now. One can create a new timeline of new opportunities based on the let go of the past and move on in the now of one's new quantum reality based on the heart frequency of vibration of gratitude and forgiveness since it is with the frequency of the heart frequency vibration that communications will happen if the fifth dimension.

When someone is upset about something experiencing in the past, years, months, days, hours, and seconds ago, this has nothing to do with the new hologram version of oneself moving into infinity moment to moment. Understand that one becomes a master alchemy creator. One creates a brand new world from one's reality; the goal is to stay steady on understanding one structure by reprinting, creating a brand new world, and brand new realities. In doing so, this will create a permanent timeline of an outcome.

You are ONE with all divine source of existence; let the omnipotent love and light be the Divine Presence in your daily lives. May all this be for the benefit of all sentient beings everywhere and in all the multiverses, so be it. We thank you for listening.

♥The Council's of "9"♥


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