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Divine beings on Earth,

As many are about to enter the spirit of Christmas, the Matrix reality of sadness and emotions reflect on the world's energy due to people's inability to return to what is familiar. Understand that nothing of what you know before could ever be the same. For example, when a newborn arrives on Earth, the lifeforce and power of the magnificent being we all were once. Can override any negative program with a simple gesture; a smile, a sound of contentment, a gurgling of a baby is the pure frequency of Love expressed for the first time.

As the baby grows seven years later, the purity levels are less since now the baby has been programmed by family, and don't, do this, that, yes, and no. In any case, the baby can not go back in time to start all over. The birth reality experienced is past, and new life experiences and programs are taking over.

Sadly, many believe that they will re-gain the illusion of freedom like before, only to become even more controlled than before, a new reality by letting themselves inoculate. Like the baby, the new realities and new probabilities will become anew but never like the one before experiencing at birth.

In this case, once inoculation happens, many will cease to be free because of the man-made process of control over the human genome.

As many know, life cannot return to be exactly as it previously was because of people's energy maintaining and sustaining by entertaining fear from the third dimension, dense frequency. The good news is that the old programs of consciousness are dissolving at a very rapid speed. Still, without your loving frequency to all that is, some will continue to live on fear. The goal is to emanate LOVE and vibrate as ONE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. To override the negative programs set in motion at this time by virtually increasing your sovereignty.

No one has the right to rule one life; instead, the high frequency of resonating LOVE energy as collective consciousness and expressions from the Heart will set humanity free.

Always remember that consciousness is the substance of form.

World consciousness has reached a place of readiness for Earth's ascension next step in the Divine Plan and Divine Order by awakening to the frequency of Oneness with Source. Love always, no matter what, Be the best expression of yourself regardless, LOVE is the key, for many have to experience the struggles of ascension more than others to awakening. Perhaps, it will take a few more lifetimes for some.

Trust in your HEARTS divine beings, that personally and globally, a new phase of the Divine plan is unfolding, one unaffected by three-dimensional thinking, plotting, planning, or scheming.

A New World were absences of, FEAR, SICKNESS, CONTROL AND MANIPULATION OF THE AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, AND ETHER is real. A new worldwide experience of truth, freedom, and connection with our star families, a world where the celebration of being ONE human consciousness will be the bridge to connect our intergalactic and beloved families.

Belief and trust in your Heart loving frequency of Vibration, the day a lifetime is near the regeneration of the cells, the mind-body and spirit. Most import the rebirth of a new way of living the ascension of Mother Earth and all sentient beings in the Multiverse. Only you can tell the beautiful things existing to change into a new reality because each one has a specific code on their DNA to create realities for the betterment of humanity and the world.

Listen to your Heart.

In acknowledging by offering gratitude to oneself for having the opportunity to experience the matrix reality that continues keeping many in fear. For without it, one wouldn't be able to come this far to recognize that Only you can stop this reality by choosing wisely to free HUMANITY TOGETHER. For no one will do it for you, and it never will.

Many are subject to reassess how they have been living their lives, what they believe is real or essential, and if there may be a "better" way. Much that many divine souls had accepted is closely examined from oneself higher perspective and a Divine plan. The belief that one must work hard to overcome obstacles and satisfy shortages and solve the problems before oneself, but often, in that attitude or approach, one works against oneself without realizing it. It looks like this;

Attention to obstacles makes them more prominent and more stubborn;

Attention to shortages makes them more prominent and prolongs them,

Attention to a problem prevents any immediate resolution or solution.

As you practice being alone or meditating, giving attention to your breathing and your body's natural rhythm, any problematic Vibrational activation will cease to be. Due to the absence of that resistance, your Vibration will naturally begin to rise until it aligns with the higher Vibration of the very solutions you have been longing for. The abundance you seek isn't in the absence of solving one's longing, doubts, obstacles, and problems, but in the evidence of your Vibrational shift. You will feel better when you trust in your Heart; your physical evidence of improvement will begin flowing to you from different directions.

Understand, anything you are giving your attention to is an invitation and the essence of it.

Consciousness itself is based on HEART's structure; this is the highest consciousness that can be!

There's nothing and no one outside of you, so it doesn't matter, it is not important what he, she, it, this, that, doing?

The only important thing is to know and pay attention to HOW YOU ARE VIBRATING!

Many are about to celebrate the holiday called Christmas; a day set aside for expressing gratitude for the things in life one is thankful for. Gratitude is much more than a polite response to something received. Gratitude is a facet of Love for the Divine you all are. At some point in every person's spiritual journey, they must cease looking to a person, business, job, family, group, friend, etc., for gratitude, even if deserved. Gratitude is the state of being in your Heart's Vibration to feel it and offer gratitude unconditionally.

Christmas is the perfect occasion for examining your beliefs about gratitude and sharing your Love unconditionally, as many won't be able to have this opportunity. Consider asking yourself; have I been looking and expecting gratitude from outside of myself, from my job, my family, a friend, or even the random stranger I may have helped?".

Say with Heartfelt, in the name of LOVE, the power invested in me, since I exist, LOVE from the Creator of all sentient beings, and the potency of the Omnipotent Love from my Heart.

I create my own reality base on the REAL Hertz frequency of Love that connects us all in time and space, Heart to Heart for the betterment of a new world and all its kingdoms on Earth; human Kindom, Animal Kindom, Plant kingdom, the Mineral and Crystal kingdom, and especially for Love to my mother Gaia and the Elements kingdom of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth, that all sentient beings be blessed and transmuted on whatever reality experienced with the Violet Fire and the Omnipotent ONE heart LOVE creator of all.

I refuse to be part of any negative reality or agendas.

I am Divine forever!

Here is an excerpt from "Flidais Destah" Where the Fairies live book;

I am Light and Love

From the Earth to the Universe and from the Universe to the Earth,

My name is and will always be infinite Love.

I am the unconditional Love that lives inside you.

I am in every cell of your body of your eternal and multidimensional being,

I will live until you decide.

I will live even when you are not here.

I will live in the wind; I will live on Earth,

I will live in the fire; I will live in the water,

I will live in the spirit of all that is and exists in everything that respires,

No matter how small or significant.

Today and always, I share my infinite Love, transcending the consciousness of time and space.

Generating endless waves of love frequency.

Open your mind, open your Heart;

listen to the voice and the frequency of the mind of the Multiverse.

Immeasurable compassion, immeasurable mighty Love

Wherever you are, wherever you go, I will always be and live in your Heart.

My flag is Red and White;

Red is the blood that flows in harmony, eternally from the day you arrived on planet earth, no matter what galaxy or planet you came from.

White is the color of peace that your spirit will carry for eternity, from the day you arrived on planet earth in spite galaxy or planet, you came from.

I am the emanation of Love,

I am ending all struggles of the mind, of the body, of the spirit.

Within you, outside of you

I will end all battles between other beings,

Against animals, plants, and everything that respires.

Because I am all that, today, tomorrow, and always.

You will ever be free.

I am unconditional Love;

I live within you nothing, and nobody can end me

I am in everything

I am Love

I look forward to the day when you awaken and connect your mind to the frequency of your Heart

Conquer the eternal battle within your being.

Acknowledge that I

Patiently await the day in which the light of your being,

The Love of your Heart ignites the frequency that transcends the quantum space

In your own Heart for Eternity for the good of all!

To free your body, mind, and spirit,

You are forever multidimensional freedom of

Unconditional Love.

Listen with the ears of your Heart.

A message of eternal Love I bring into your life.

Accept that this Love is continually renewed

as long as it is reaped by you for you.

I am your own Love;

I am your own Heart,

I have been conceived by the Creator of the Multiverse.

The Creator of all beings of light throughout the galaxy.

Beings with the same right to live in peace and omnipotent Love.

Beings who live from the desires of their hearts.

We are all nourished freely by the same frequency of Love.

Love is eternally the inexhaustible and renewable cosmic energy.

Open your mind to find the way to your Heart.

Only then will you find the answers that have overwhelmed you since you remember.

Within you exist the light, the peace, and the Omnilove.

Without you, I am nothing, and with you,

I am everything!

Love me the way I LOVE you!

Unconditional in everything that I am, inside and outside of you.

Love me,

In the form I freely have chosen to become,

Love me in the animals of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Love me as I am pure and eternal.

Open your eyes to love;

humans and all beings from other planets and galaxies.

We have all been made of omnipotent Love.

The more you believe, the more everything exists.

Believe and trust in me, your Heart!

We all are LOVE!

I love you forever!

Thanks for listening, beloved hearts.

I am and always will be,

Your Heart!

Thank you for considering these words I have offered; let the intelligence of your hearts be guided, may all lives be the magnificent presence throughout your Heart, desires, and requirements to make the difference during the now reality.

I am you; you are me, and we are ONE.


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