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Divine souls on earth,

Love is the key; to assist humanity in its glorious evolution into a higher consciousness of vibrational and spiritual ascension.

May the light and love fill your heart with peace and joy.

I like to believe that you all know that life is eternal, unlimited, and without end. Even when the physical body gives up regardless of the circumstances on how many divine souls go to the beyond.

For many souls, they will continue to aspire in the way of freedom and eternal love to recover and fill the soul with the frequency of omnipotent love to renew itself. No matter how many creative forms one is destined to take as an exit from the physical to the non-physical world.

We know the whole picture, do not suffer anymore. Let us free slavery, obligation, pain, resentment, or any other form of emotional suffering that provokes the myopic point of view in physical existence, going through a substantial self-induced duel.

Instead, celebrate that each of us who breathes omnipotent love, plants, flowers, creatures of the animal kingdom, and creatures of the terrestrial world, we have all come to experience a physical existence from the spiritual world to the physical world.

Forever we will be spiritual beings living a human and physical existence instead of thinking that we are humans trying to live a spiritual path, being spiritual does not mean being holy and poor.

Instead, it means unlocking the limits set in place from the matrix programs. To be free in all aspects of the mental, physical, and spiritual realms of the present moment. The self-recognition of the pure essence and the existence of omnipotent and multi-dimensional love.

Living in your mental, physical, and material wealth is your birthright. Live, do what you want most before leaving, forgive, love, share, and inspire with everything that breathes.

Be grateful to live to the fullest extent of the capacity of the source of unlimited and pure existence in the present moment. No matter how short or long, our time to depart will be. Be forevermore the expression of oneself, to share and live every day without limits. LOVE!

Love will set you free!

I am Mut Divine mother of the Gods.

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