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Reality is yours!

To do one's part to ensure the survival of divines souls on earth and our precious new Tara “the earth.” One is called to let go the dramas of mundane life because that is what those in control of humanity want you to focus on every day, limitation, lack, dramas of the world created by them in the first place for control of the masses.

Open your mind, there are alien races in conjunction with governments game players who continue to tip the balance of unfolding earth dramas in favor of human extinction. These are segments of holographic inserts to deviate one's mind and make it participate in the total collective depreciation of one’s Divine rights for freedom and omni love.

How can anyone reading this post can move out away from the controlled yet subliminal messages of self-destruction. It is easy, to look around to understand their messages. Authority is telling you that it's okay to live immoderate, over-indulgent, violent, ecocidal lifestyles. It's not okay because it is fundamentally unhealthy and leads to unsustainable devolution.

To move in the direction of freeing your mind, it is beneficial to practice meditation at the same time every day make an appointment with yourself at least 1 hour every day, call it meeting with my higher self, my free time, etc.

In this hour you can do whatever you like. Even if you feel like to go sleep, so be it “Do.” Allow yourself to be divinely selfish to give time to yourself to do what you think is right at this moment for your own betterment. As you center yourself, let go what troubles the mind, breathe deep in and out either write it or meditate in the subject.

It is essential to understand that nothing absolutely nothing outside of you is real!

At least contemplate the idea, continue with your own rhythm of breathing in and out, letting go each time you breathe. One can learn to perceive the whole spectrum of reality as a movie that manifests before one’s consciousness if you are ready to watch.

Now observe instead of absorbed; each time you do so, you will recognize the external reality revealed directly through you. This means that every time you say think or act upon your impulses, your actions create reactions. Therefore, think before you speak, know, understand that One creates its own reality no matter what.

Love yourself, forgive yourself; it is then you will be able to love everything that breathes around you!

Love is the key to change one own reality, based on the right now “time frame” one’s capabilities of self-expression of unconditional love.

Trust! Love is the key, love is you! Love is ALL around you, so its opposite as well, choose consciously which is where you feel happy, this new reality of your mind will set you free.

Og Mandino – 1923-1996, Author

Did say: Extend to each person, no matter how trivial the contact, all the care and kindness and understanding and love that you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.

I love you I trust this will help you, dear heart!

Thank you for listening

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