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Wake up to the truth!

When a war on some disease or issue is launched in the effort to defeat it, it merely intensifies it because this "war" is promoting and broadcasting the "power" of the particular issue to the world, firmly planting fear in the consciousness of all who are receptive. You are creators and must become ever more aware of what you are creating.

Wake up to the truth!

All the intelligence, belief and wisdom in the world will not change this truth.

In reality, nothing outside of one’s self is real.

Generations upon generations of human beings have come and gone, born with the greatest promise and buried with the greatest failure. In the hearts and souls exist true potential and ability. Yet, many lean upon the shortcomings and reservations to prevent oneself from creating and living one's destiny.

Mediocrity and insecurity seal the fate of an ordinary and meaningless suffrage. No matter how earthlings may spin our incomplete and unfulfilled lives; with financial, educational or religious means, they are still a lie. Your energy is no longer aligning with many long-held illusory beliefs as well as with certain foods, friends, entertainments, etc.

Wake up to the truth!

You are now aware that you are more than you could ever believe.

Follow whatever resonates with you, listen, learn to trust your guidance and intuition and not what others may be telling you. Do what you are guided to do but do it with an awareness of yourself and your precious heart as you are pure spirit with a light body that never dies. Thus, remember one is having a human experience. Living on a third-dimensional planet is a matter of;

"To be in the world, and not to be part of the third dimension, is to be part of the consciousness of the fifth dimension and the ascension of the earth..”

Resist nothing for resistance only gives power to something that has no power other than what you give it.

All power lies in realizing that one exists that Power is you regardless of outer appearances or the beliefs of family, friends, governments, religious leaders or "experts." Claim your innate power that through ignorance you allowed others to take.

Balance your feminine and masculine aspects; love yourself and others and all in the highest levels of truth you could ever be, know this even if that stands by simply holding silent awareness and unconditional love vibration in the face of adversity.

Everyone regardless of their own reality is a Divine being, an expression of the Creator of all that breathes and all that is embodied with Divine consciousness life force. This absolute truth is YOU in its purest form and will never change regardless of three-dimensional concepts and standards for living a human life.

Wake up, live in the NOW!


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