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I am Pleiadian

Hello dear hearts,

I am Sonia Salinas

I am a Pleiadian incarnated on earth moving on my evolution, and vibrational consciousness to awaken as many souls on earth and lead them into the age of Light. I live in Alberta, Canada

I am grateful to my higher self the closest part of God within me, for guiding me to be here in this group of multidimensional beings.

I salute you all Dear Arcturians and the multidimensional earthlings from my Christos Avatar self to your Christos Avatar self.


I like to begin by share unconditional love to all beings and creatures that breathe. Especially those that had going on in life hurting others because they learned from the past and that is the only way they know to communicate, and for that, I send my love to them. I Love you, even if you didn’t know to differentiate good from bad and without judgment.

It is my intention to transmute the gross energies that may be, before releasing them into space with harm to no one in the name of divine love the five elements of life Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. As above so below! Thank you all dear hearts for listening. Namaste!

I feel for now I can not say more about me because in many ways you are me and I am you, and therefore, it is my desire to participate with you all to move forward to activate global consciousness for a better now reality. I welcome each and everyone involved in this conscious, and divine souls from the one heart of all.


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