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Divine incarnated beings of the light,

It is time to consciously let go of your EGO mind, look around your families, your human tribe wearing a mask, preventing you from connecting Heart to Heart by keeping you two meters from one to another.

You know that fear is the game in your hearts; fear is the key since many do not know better what is really going on. Instead, no one asked permission to manipulate you. It has been set in motion, imposed by the dark ones. We said; the time to let go of the mind and let the hearts connect one to another is a new way of living and heal and free yourself because the heart frequency is real; you all know love will overcome any obstacle.

Practice your loving skills, even if metaphorically takes you to become a puppy love. Your pets are the mere example and expression of unconditional love. They already live in the fifth dimension long ago, for they will follow you unconditionally even if you harm them or forget that they are here to show you how to love.

Its been said by many the time to let go now, the time to remember who you really are, is time to AWAKEN now. Many have to learn from what is going on at this time. These divines brothers and sisters have to experience this reality to learn and become anew on their next incarnation. This is why it is imperative that you get used to practicing heart connection to stay away from the manipulation system no matter what is going on.

This doesn't mean that you are the family's black sheep, the different one, the difficult one, but the awakened ones starseeds; brothers and sisters. It is time to remember why you are here to lead many into the GOLDEN edge.

Many ignore the Euiago cycle is real; this is a 26,556 years Harmonic Time Cycle, through which a planet evolves through the 3-dimensional bands of one Harmonic Universe (HU).

We are now approaching what is called a set of Stellar Activation Cycles, as part of Earth's 26,556 years The Auric Field of the PLANET and those of Earth's populations are undergoing TRANSFORMATION, and you can see this with some of the "natural disasters" happening now. Your body and your consciousness are composed of ENERGY PARTICLES, and when the PLANET approaches to transition and transmutation of some of ITS particles (happening now), YOU will ALSO undergo this particle transmutation.

Just as only PORTIONS of the PLANET 'S particles will be able to transmute and ASCEND into the next DIMENSION UP through what is called a morphogenetic WAVE, only portions of the HUMAN population will be able to TRANSMUTE and ride with the PLANET on that wave of ASCENSION.

All this already happen divine humans wake up do not allow any longer these manipulations. Earth had not been able to hold 12D frequency for over 200,000 years. Unless we complete the work that Jesus started but did NOT complete, we will have to re-incarnate for another 26,556 years to have this opportunity again. Your DNA is connected to the Earth, so think, what is it that you are vibrating?

Inoculation is a set of methods of artificially inducing humanity against their will into various infectious diseases for control. Their motto is; inoculate YOURSELF so you can be free? Reread this again, to inoculate an individual to set him/her free? Or stand together by BEING APART? Please WAKE UP sacred hearts; your sovereignty is at stake.

Share your love is all you can do at this time, do not judge but love, do not fight among yourselves LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

LOVE will conquer all!

When you love, you will be the catalyzer that starts shifting and taken your human tribe into the fifth dimension. Still, for those who persistently desire to be here on the manipulation project program, even more, love them, they all are extension s of yourselves going on at different stages of your ascension.

Love them, love them all they have decided to stay, and in time to shift consciously into a fifth dimension will come to those who had chosen to stay behind. These divine new souls have to experience their ascension by learning. The fifth dimension is the Heart's state, vibrational consciousness, and is what connects us all in parallel realities and more. Keep going, divine love's, do not let go of your sovereignty. The time is now to know who is deciding to take the ascension blue ship of mother ARIA.

There is a reason why many have to sacrifice by choosing themselves to let us know that we can not let this continue to become a reality of separation and decay of the human rights on Earth.

The consciousness of omnipotent love is to let yourself guide your hearts to help your human tribe let this ascension to be new heaven on Earth, really! Remember, your skills are within you, and those in control can not let the superhuman abilities to manifest.

December 21 is coming; let see what you create for yourselves, beloved star family. Remember your divinity of sovereign beings to give LOVE and help those open to be love and your assistance.

Did you know what Christ Consciousness is and how it is possible for YOU to embody this?

You are operating at less than 3% of your potential, and so you are continually using IDOLATRY to past and present MASTERS and religious martyrs. The Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. took 12 of the 15 books OUT of the bible that Jesus wrote about ascension and changed it into a control dogma.

The Origin of "Christ" is not just a person that lived before; the word Christ comes from Kryst, meaning the original Divine Blueprint. The consciousness of an Avatar, which is the embodiment of 12 dimensions

An Avatar is someone who has completely activated 12 strands of DNA.

Jeshuea Sananda Melchizedek, born November 22, 12 B.C. Natural birth (NOT December 25) Had expedited Soul Braided Walk-in and DNA Activation facilitated by John the Baptist. Jeshuea divine commission was to activate this code and frequency in the Earth's grids to prepare the Earth and all of us for this Ascension cycle.

Meditate as much as you can; as you close your eyes and quiet your mind, begin by letting your Heart's voice frequency emanate. Feel, observe this first contact with yourself once you feel the Heart vibration direct this loving frequency down from your Heart, solar plexus, sacral, root 6" below your feet, and down into the hearth of mother ARIA.

Visualize, feel, and see how is that Mother ARIA connects with your Heart through her Platinum silver light frequency, and this is the connection of the fifth dimension when you let the intelligence of your Heart to express without the mind-controlling your thoughts.

This state of consciousness of unconditional love is the first step to your communications. Feel the connection descending from your Heart into mother ARIA and from the Earth cores up through your spinal cord up into your hearth.

As you continue breathing, allow yourself to feel grateful for this, you create in your quantum space. Feel grateful for your grandparents, mom, dad, brothers and sisters, your pets, the kingdoms and its creatures of the air, the water, the heat of the sun, the fire, and the Earth, all the gifts that Mother ARIA bestow upon everything.

Acknowledge the power to connect to all that is, remember that to be here at this precious time of ascension is enough, how privilege you are since for the last 200,000 years you all been waiting to free yourselves and experience the world of bliss and love you knew existed before you incarnate on Earth.

To be alive, to know that the creator of all sentient beings and the omnipotent love is real and exists. And it is within you waiting to show you the wonders of your creation since all you are is all you create, no one else.

When you understand that everything outside of you is a perception of your subconscious reflected as a mirror image to show you what you want to see and experience. You create every moment of the day with your thoughts and emotions, and the most remarkable thing is that your mind will create what you believe; therefore, your body will achieve what the mind believes, and if you want to create a new version of yourself, you will! If you believe it in your HEART.

Know that your brain will stop controlling your thoughts and the survival mode you are in when you let your Heart guide your brain.

The Matrix will continue more than ever to manipulate you throughout the media; radio, T.V., News, etc. When you accept it as; Ok, is fine, I will do this; hopefully, next year will be better. Instead, it will be worse if you allow it to continue; remember, there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is the one you create TODAY divine souls rest assured.

I thank you for considering these words I have offered; let the intelligence of your hearts be guided, may all lives be the magnificent presence throughout your Heart, desires, and requirements to make the difference during the now reality.

Ha Ta Ra Sa

Be Divine Forever!


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