Divine Souls, the Earth is not waiting for you; what are you waiting for?  

Wake up, dear hearts!




Divine Souls within your body's DNA duels God Eternal within the cells and remain even after cease to exist. A divine DNA encoded messages and phase transitions that occur in every human. When activated, your dormant psychic 7th sense will awake. It is evident that without DNA Activations, the human body will continue to experience the roller-coaster of life due to all distortions inherited at birth. Open your mind to move towards your multidimensional frequency of the fifth dimension and experience your Ascension like never before!


I am DNA and parapsychologist Certified practitioner; my divine commission is to assist as many souls on planet Earth ready to awake and participate in their mission as we move TOGETHER into the age of the Golden Light. I'll be honored to be part of your awakening, guiding you into the process of reactivating the dormant parts of your DNA. To free your divine self-expression and the original divine blueprint created by the Mother and Father founders of the human race so you can all live your glorious new reality. The awakening of your Master Cell for immortality, therefore, new innate abilities and connect to the main source of Prime Creator, the Universe within permanently, always in the best way possible for your noble desires in life and the betterment of all beings on Earth and the cosmos.

Divine Souls, forget not that you are spiritual beings living a physical reality, traveling on different parallel realities and dimensions, within the quantum space of your reality, living on earth as a human, moment to moment all at the same time. Learning to maintain your frequency high and raised as daily practices is imperative. Then, One will connect with higher vibrational frequency beings from higher realms as the next step of our evolution. One's new divine reality allows communication with interstellar beings. 


No content from this site may be reproduced in any form without permission. Blatantly copying parts or whole sections from my website will attract low entities in your subconscious mind that will take parts of yourself without permission. ♥

We, the Arcturians, remove hostile E.T. races within your DNA. 


they are the fierce tyrannical warriors known to any civilization. Fear and weakness are aphrodisiacs to them.

They feel Superior over every race, primarily humans; they teach their children from youth that humans are the dreck of the universe. They are not emotionally attached to their young and let them fend for themselves. If their child dies due to circumstances, they believe their child was weak and deserved to die. The Universe completely;

Do you know that 90% of the people on this planet have demons in them? 90%!, Yes! And 72% of the people on this planet have reptilians inside their DNA. Sadly, most humans do not indicate that these dark entities are in them even though One is very well aware of the pain experienced daily. Draconian reptilians are staunch believers who were residents of the universe first and that the universe belongs to them. Draconian beings want to rule the universe completely; they are the fierce tyrannical warriors known to any civilization. Fear and weakness are aphrodisiacs to them.

We are all born spiritually &  forever free!

You were born Spiritual within a human body. The time is here and now for you to see and experience ourselves as spiritual beings having human experiences, not as humans trying to be spiritual.  You are Spiritual beings! You just forgot. To be Spiritual is to be able to create a life of Abundance to experience your noble desires in life, in all the aspects of your trajectory. To be Spiritual is not to be poor nor Holy; it is to live in total Abundance.

To be Spiritual is to free yourself from the programs of the Matrix, to be able to shift your mind into higher consciousness quickly to get rid of lack, limitation, poverty consciousness, religious indoctrination, inherited beliefs, Karma, and much more.


What does it mean to Activate One's DNA?

DNA activations are the observable portions and chemical translations of scalar wave programs existing in the morphogenetic field. A morphogenetic field is your form holding a blueprint of the physical body you have chosen to portrait in this reality. To reactivate the rotation of the particle spin running in reverse inside the cells of your incarnate self.
Once your frequency changes, your vibration will rise into a new realm of possibilities in the parallel realities of your beingness. The benefits of having your DNA activated are; new powers, new abilities, and new DNA upgrades. You will continue to exist on the 3D, 4D, and 5D in the NOW time and space; only you will be able to be present and aware of each vibrational dimension. Your new abilities will free your mind to be in the reality that matches your frequency, which by default is the 5D, at this time of ascension. 
I will honor the place in you in which the entire Univers dwells.
Here on Earth, where the amazing journey of yours begins. 
Ascension is your birthright!

Sonia Salinas

Will you like to experience or further the ascension process and awaken your psychic abilities to connect with your Starseed family? Then all you have to do is listen or follow your guidance, ask your higher self, for these DNA activations will assist you in ways you never thought possible. You are much more than you think!
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Open your mind and experience the Divine Mother Earth's Ascension.
Once your blockages are removed, you'll experience the magic of your consciousness
begin like never before.

All sessions can be done remotely; the results are amazing. It doesn't matter which part of the world you live in.

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