July 26, 2017

A perfect world is when you are in tune with your higher self-power. Therefore all that you think feel and do comes to you in a manner of a more higher vibration, allowing you to see things manifestation just because you let go! If money Makes you happy be in alignment...

July 22, 2017

I like to share from my upcoming book where I am persuading the reader's mind into a self-discovery and delightful involvement. The Awakening of consciousness through science, Magical Lore, and Fantasy.

You become what you think, the more you do, the more you experience...

July 21, 2017

Life can be difficult at times and this is meant for us to learn to let go or to pay attention to whLife can be difficult at times and this is meant for us to learn to let go or to pay attention to whatever one is experienced in the now moment.Especially when one holds...

July 20, 2017

Creator of the Multiverse, I offer myself to you, come to me, and use my voice to bring comfort, multiversal peace, and unconditional love.

Use my eyes to see and be compassionate with all your creations of light frequency and love vibration." Where ever I find myself t...

July 18, 2017

The Merkabah is an electromagnetic version of you and your vehicle to travel. It is part of your spiritual energy, reflecting on your mental and physical version of yourself, incarnated as a human on our beloved mother, Gaia.

It is important to know that the more you lo...

July 17, 2017

The real difference between humans and animals is that the animals don’t participate in the Matrix program on earth, it is only your imagination to think they are different instead they have an innate ability to heal us. It has been keep secret by many; this is why the...

July 13, 2017

Let the light of your heart shine; it’s the only light that will dispell the darkness.

There will be times of trouble, times of loneliness, times of sadness, insecurity, depression and a lack of peace. That darkness can only be lightened up by the light of the Truth, th...

July 11, 2017

When you allow your heart and your mind to become one peaceful unit without the ego, the label of anything. Then you had made a clear conscious choice, for example; a rose always would be a rose you cannot say a rose is beautiful or a dandelion is ugly becauseeverythin...

July 5, 2017

Open your mind, soul, and body, to become ready and let go the concepts of the 3D; you had accepted from the movies in regards how spaceship looks like. Many on earth feel afraid already as it is or scared due to this movement of the Hollywood movies, where they depict...

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